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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Romo-Era Cowboys Will Never Win the Lombardi Trophy

Ever since starting law school, I’ve been away for too long to voice my input on the Dallas Cowboys through TwoOneFour Manuscript. I was recently discussing football with a friend (actually, getting out of our depression of the Cowboys short-lived playoff stint) and was reminded of a blog post from 2014. The post still rings true today of what is wrong with the most-coveted franchise and I hope you will enjoy the post below.
Friday, August 1, 2014
Ever since the “Romo-era” Cowboys have taken the field, the expectations of this franchise – once known as “America’s Team” (this should be up for debate) – have continually been lowered after every disappointing season.

For the past three years, we have dealt with injuries, an inconsistent running game, and the sad reality of being just an average football team – finishing up the past three seasons with an 8-8 record.

I hate to say it, but the Dallas Cowboys do not scream “World Champions!” and if you’ve been led to keep believing in the Cowboys to be a championship-contender… well, you are certainly in denial, my friend.

Now, let’s begin to list the Three Reasons Why the Romo-era Cowboys Will Never Win the Lombardi Trophy.

Reason #1: Jerry Jones needs to be involved in business matters ONLY.

Serving as the Owner, General Manager, and President (NFL Front Office position descriptions) does not allow adequate room for accountability and improvement in the Dallas Cowboys franchise at all levels. Jones’ three-headed monster of power merges front office and player/personnel matters, which really affects on-the-field play.

Jones is a business-savvy individual. He has ushered in the AT&T Stadium to serve as a premier venue of the biggest entertainment events you can think of: concerts, boxing matches, NFL Super Bowl, WWE, NBA All-Star Weekend, etc. You name it, I’m sure Jerry Jones has done it (or is about to do it).

The man is about $$$. Period.

So, it would serve the Cowboys a great deal for Jones to be the best business-man he can be; and, in time, release his tight grip on the area of player/personnel development.

Reason #2: The Dallas Cowboys’ defense has more holes than Swiss cheese.

There’s speculation that Rob Ryan was a great asset for the Cowboys’ defense. Another argument claims that Ryan did not improve anything in Dallas, except for his eating habits. NFL defensive statistics from the ’11/’12 and ’12/’13 seasons show the Cowboys defense ranking in at 19th and 14th, respectively. However, if you examine the numbers of both seasons compared to the 2010 season, you can be the judge of whether Ryan improved the defense or not.

But the issue still remains: this defense needs help, bad. Really bad.

As most sports fans know (or should know), DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Take last year’s Super Bowl, for example (43-8 ouch; Seattle’s defense proved themselves).

With the latest draft picks acquired through the 2014 NFL Draft, maybe there is hope of developing a championship-caliber defense. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Reason #3: Tony Romo is our best chance at winning the Super Bowl.

Yes, you’ve read correctly. Tony Romo is the best chance for the Cowboys to reach a title.

On paper: This is awesome!

In reality: Welp, time to get ready for basketball season.

Tony Romo is above average. He gives you the stats: passing yards, passing touchdowns, and even a decent QBR (Quarterback Rating). The main component Romo is not giving the Cowboys is: winning. Of course, winning is a team effort; but, when the commander of your offense (in addition to sub-par defense) is not getting the job done, we have no choice but to continually be just an average team.

So, who is there to blame for all of the Cowboys’ shortcomings?

Reason number one (see above for Reason #1).

Of course, he would most likely be the scapegoat. When you consider who hires the coaches, signs the players, oversees the operations of the franchise, and goes to sleep feeling as if everything is fine… Jerry Jones is the one guy that can pull it off.

Until he fires himself (sounds crazy) or the Cowboys can grab a guy like Jameis Winston (Cam Newton, but better) and have a top-10 defense, the Cowboys will continue to follow this downward trend.

SN: Seriously, I want Jameis Winston on the Cowboys roster. Let’s just hope Dallas has a free crab leg buffet for Winston.