The Hometown Hero

If you’ve been able to see LeBron James’ latest commercial with Kia (attempting to remove himself from the noise to finding comfort in the backseat of the Kia K900), this image is reminiscent of James’ unpredictable ride with the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. After suffering defeat in Miami against the San Antonio Spurs, LeBron decided it was time to move on.


The growth of LeBron during his “college years” in Miami is evident by his outspoken leadership and ability to make others around him better in Cleveland. When James entered Miami, this was Dwyane Wade’s team; before he left, the Heat was James’ team.The major difference I saw with LeBron’s return to Cleveland was how “quiet” it was in comparison to “The Decision”. LeBron was getting away from the noise, such as the Kia commercial.


This season, critics have been brought back to reality when they hear the humbleness of Kyrie Irving (playing in his first NBA playoffs) in post-game interviews. Although Irving has the skill set to play on the biggest stage, this team was not “playoff-ready” before LeBron’s return. Since James’ arrival, Cleveland has stepped up their game especially with the recent acquisitions of J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert. The absence of Kevin Love has not affected Cleveland as much as the media expected. Plus, it doesn’t hurt when your back-up point guard (Matthew Dellavedova) is putting up decent numbers, as well.

“This Cavaliers team has obviously bought into the leadership of LeBron James.”

Leading the Eastern Conference Finals 3 games to none against the Atlanta Hawks should be an eye-opener to LeBron critics. This series has shown James in a different light as the player-coach we would often see with Kobe Bryant on the floor. Due to Coach David Blatt’s first season with the Cavaliers, it is understandable that Blatt may not have the best answers under the pressure of the playoffs. This is the void LeBron fills.


James has been here. He’s battled to get to the Finals five times, and walked away with two titles. This Cavaliers team has obviously bought into the leadership of LeBron James, as Cleveland continues to fight their way into the NBA Finals.


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